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What is Cad Cam

CAD CAM is Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing to improve the design and creation of dental restorations. Cad Cam is scanning the object then designing the article on associated software then transmitting this file to a milling centre for conversion and then fabrication.

Why Cad Cam

Cad Cam allows for the complete range of dental restorations to be designed. Materials include alumina, zirconia, titanium, co/cr and acrylic for crowns and bridges. Abutments for implant restorations in zirconia, co/cr or titanium, Designing of full arch or partial implant restorations either removable on a bar or a fixed hybrid type. Enhancements in technology now allow for intra oral scanning and direct transference of this information to the laboratory. This is achieved through the Trios scanner and 3Shape laboratory scanner and software.

Will this technology keep evolving?

Yes, Intra oral scanning for crown and bridge as well as implant restorations are available and improving rapidly.